(A.N.) Cinderellas

In philately, when people talk about Cinderellas, they usually think of them as the «poor stepsister of philately». In my opinion, although this is the general thinking, this should not be the case, but let’s start defining what a Cinderella is. These are souvenirs that have to do with some…

Illegal stamps 1922

Russia, 1922 Odessa Famine Fantasies (aka Odessa Issues). These Cinderellas were inspired by the 1921 famine in Odessa. However, they were never in circulation, not even in the Soviet Union, as they are a fantasy made by an Italian philatelic dealer named Marco Fontana. This dealer advertised the sale of…
Stamp of Cape of Good Hope

(A.N.) The first

According to W. Finley’s book, the Cape of Good Hope stamp (1893) and the Belgium stamp (1896), would be the first stamps with Art Nouveau characteristics.